Last Day

Remember today is the last day to use your FREE Jewel-Osco freezer coupons. To maximize your savings, pair the store coupons with two manufacturer’s coupons to get two items for a very low price if not free.

Also, today is the last day to use your Walgreens coupons from the booklet you received in the mail. They can also be paired with two manufacture’s coupons to get two items near free.


Free Yes To Cucumbers

Have you signed up for your full-size Yes To Cucumber’s Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 sample? If not, go here to sign up. Also, remember to print the $2 coupon they are also giving away.

Product Image

This is a great brand. I’ve used their products for about a year now, and they (the products) work wonderful. My favorite product is the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes. I remove my make up with these towelettes. In addition to having a heavenly scent, they remove more make up and leave my face cleaner than other products I’ve tried. These towelettes work so well that I can remove all my make up with one towelette. Unlike other brands I’ve used in the past, I would have to use two or three towelettes to remove all the make up. So, using this brand is more economical because it does a fantastic job and lasts longer.

<em>Yes To Cucumbers</em> Soothing Facial Towelettes - 30 towelettes

If you have tried any of their products and have a favorite that you would recommend, please leave a comment below. Take care

Celebrate World Music! Attend A Festival!

Music, in its own right, is one of the most beautiful languages spoken. It has the power to heal, uplift, and transcend cultural barriers. Many international artists will be traveling the US this year to perform at various festivals. Which one will you attend?

Moreover, international music festivals are a great introduction to teach children about different cultures. Children get the opportunity to experience how people from other countries communicate, dress, and eat. Unlike learning about different cultures in school, attending international festivals put theory to practice, so children don’t just read about a culture; they experience it.

Besides traveling the world with me, my children have attended international festivals before they could walk. From that, they have a greater appreciation and knowledge of music and different cultures.

What is even sweeter is that many of these festivals are FREE. Often, cities, universities, and observatories host events that are open to the public. Check your city’s website to see what festivals are being held in your area. If you’re here in Chicago, go here to the City of Chicago‘s site. We have tons of free festivals coming up.

Here is one of my favorite West African artists, Habib Koite, singing, my favorite, Wassiye.  So far, no Chicago dates scheduled for his tour. 😦 Enjoy