Thank You!

Thank you to all of my subscribers for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. May God continue to bless us as we move forward.



It’s A Mauve Monday!

It’s a new week, which calls for a new nail polish. I found this color, Mudslide (250), by Sally Hansen. What do you think?


Adding A Little Pizazz To Your Classic French Manicure

A classic French Manicure is beautiful; however, if you add a splash of color and switch up the position of the line, your nails go from classic to uber French manicure.


What Does The US Government Shutdown Mean For Citizens?

What are citizens to do? Who will regulate the multitude of governmental agencies that we depend on? These are some of the questions we are all asking ourselves as the government tries to hammer out funding issues.

Twist Out Using Bioinfusion

Happy “Twist Out Tuesday.” What products did you use to achieve your beautiful twist out look for today? For me, I used Bioinfusion. This is a great product that gives your twist out good definition. When I use Bioinfusion, my twist out style usually lasts 5-7 days. Just be sure to sleep with your bonnet. In the morning, you can use Bioinfusion‘s oil to refresh your twist out and just lift the roots and go.


Wet vs. Dry Two Strand Twist Out

I’ve used both methods of two strand twist outs, both wet and dry; however, I am partial to twitsting after washing. Nevertheless, I still like the length you get from dry-two stand twist outs.

Wet vs. Dry Two Strand Twist Out