Happy Earthday!

Happy Earthday! Like every other day, I am giving thanks to nature and its abundance. The best way, I believe, to honor nature is by giving back and by not using materials that are not nature friendly. So, my motto today is recycle, reuse, and restore!


Score! Do you use Africa’s Best relaxer?

Score! If you use Africa’s Best relaxer, then head over to Walgreens to score one for $.50. Yep they are marked down to .50. That’s a great buy.

Shine by Heidi Klum Giveaway

If you love a soft and elegant fragrance, then you’ll love Shine by Heidi Klum. Go here to win a free gift set valued at $40 retail. In addition, you will receive a mystery gift with a retail value of $30.

20130411-172731.jpgGood luck,

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