Mavado Heats Up Chicago: Performance Review

Chicagoans received a reprieve from the lingering cold weather when Jamaican Dancehall artist Mavado blew through the Windy city and delivered a warm Caribbean breeze. Mavado gave an uncanny performance at The Shrine on Thursday, May 23rd.

The Kingston native’s performance was so electric and energetic that it was preternatural. Mavado’s irie vibrations was infectious and reverberated throughout the crowd. Mavado had nearly every women in the place “wining up.” For those “gyals” who didn’t know how to wine, the beautiful dancers on stage showed them how. Mavado’s performance was reminiscent of a traditional Jamaican Passa Passa event.


This was my first time seeing Mavado perform, but I first learned of the artist in 2007 during a trip to Jamaica. That year, his hit single, “Dreaming” was the hottest song in Jamaica at the time. Traveling from parish to parish you could hear Mavado’s “Dreaming” playing in every restaurant, car, and market stall. Mavado, also known as the Gully God, has come a long way from his humble beginnings from the Cassava Piece community in Kingston, and his list of hits is steady growing.

Mavado performed a medley of his hits including “Destiny, which made the women go wild.” Just when I thought the women couldn’t scream any louder, they did when he sang “Come Round.”  For me, the highlight of the show was when Mavado acknowledged all the love and support Chicago has given him, and how much love he has for Chicago.

After the performance, I went backstage to interview Mavado. Admittedly, I expected to meet an arrogant superstar. On the contrary, I met a down to earth artist who was grateful for the opportunities the music industry afforded him. I was moved by Mavado’s genuine humility; it was refreshing. Don’t get it twisted tho’ Mavado is still gully. During the interview the Gully God noted that his deal with YMCMB is a great opportunity, and he is looking forward to growing his brand by venturing out into movies and fashion. Mavado is Dancehall’s shining star, and he represents the never ending talent that comes from Jamaica.

IMG_7741 copy

As well as this was my first time seeing Mavado perform, this was also my first visit to The Shrine, and it is now my new fave place to hear live music. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff. The club is secure and offers valet parking. Best of all, The Shrine is situated in downtown Chicago with access to transportation, great restaurants and upscale hotels. If you are here in Chicago, The Shrine should definitely be on your fave club list, and if you are planning to visit Chicago, make sure you schedule a night to visit The Shrine to see live entertainment.

For sure, I look forward to my next visit to The Shrine. Equally, I look forward to my next Mavado concert. The Gully God is a top Dancehall artist who delivers a high-energy, fun, and interactive show. If Mavado will be performing in your city, you will not want to miss it.

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